Two company plans to develop specialized solution for robot, aims to popularize robot delivery services

실내외 주율주행 로봇 서비스 플랫폼 뉴빌리티(대표 이상민)가 자율주행 솔루션 전문기업 HL클레무브(대표 윤팔주)와 자율주행 로봇 기능 개발을 위한 기술협력 MOU를 체결했다고 12일 밝혔다.

South Korea’s self-driving technology company HL Klemove has partnered with Neubility, a domestic autonomous driving robot service platform, to collaborate on the development of autonomous driving robot technology, according to HL Group on Monday.

The recent agreement aims to improve the performance of autonomous driving robots and explore new business opportunities to promote the widespread adoption of robot delivery services.

With its expertise in technologies such as camera-based positioning, sensor fusion, and deep learning-based object recognition, Neubility is well-positioned to contribute to the advancement of autonomous driving capabilities.

The company was previously selected for HL Group’s startup nurturing program in 2019.

HL Klemove, building upon its existing business direction of providing comprehensive autonomous driving solutions for automobile manufacturers, will now expand its focus to specialize in developing autonomous driving solutions specifically tailored to robots.

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