Neubility commercializes self-driving delivery robots for golf courses in October, the first in the world

SEOUL, SEOUL, REP. OF KOREA, September 15, 2022

Delivery robots continue to expand their map while helping golf clubs’ technological makeover.

Autonomous robot delivery platform startup Neubility announces that it will launch the world’s first self-driving robot service on a golf course. As part of that first start, Neubility has concluded an agreement with Korean Food Service Company, Samsung Welstory to provide autonomous delivery robots and plans to commercialize such delivery services for golf courses starting October. To this end, it will offer delivery robots to many locally renowned golf courses in Korea.

Neubility has test-operated delivery robots since last March and have completed preliminary tests with flawless results. Even in a tough mountainous environment featuring narrow and curved courses, the delivery robots have successfully fulfilled their duties, leading to begin full-scale commercialization.

With the commercialization of the self-driving delivery robots, golf courses are also projected to change even in terms of operation. In particular, a bigger number of millennial and Gen-Z who are smart IT-literate and less resistant to untact culture have started enjoying golf, which is expected to accelerate the age of smart golf. Starting with the commercial launch of delivery service in golf courses, Neubility plans to roll-out over 200 delivery robots for last-mile sidewalk deliveries of F&B & retail by year’s end, heightening public attention around the country.

On the one hand, big local companies in distribution, logistics, telecommunications, and platform services including Shinsegae, Lotte, SK-Telecom, Kakao Investment, and others participated in Neubility’s series A funding worth USD 21M grabbing keen attention from the market.

“From demonstration testing to commercialization, the robot system successfully went through a number of verification processes. We will continue our efforts to roll out robot delivery services in various fields, including university campuses, parks & resorts, and corporate facilities where last-mile delivery robots can be most frequently used.” said Neubility CEO Sangmin Lee.


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