Company Attends NVIDIA AI Summit on June 5

‘Nuebie’ in NVIDIA’s Computex Keynote (Source=NVDIA YouTube)

June 5, 2024 – Autonomous robot service company Neubility announced that its autonomous robot ‘Neubie’ appeared on stage during the keynote address by NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang earlier this week at the COMPUTEX trade show. Additionally, Neubility will attend the NVIDIA AI Summit today in Taipei, Taiwan.

Neubility was the only Korean robotics company featured in the keynote. Its ‘Neubie’ robot freely navigated the stage to demonstrate its autonomous driving capabilities. Huang said of ‘Neubie’ and the other robots featured: “These friends are the next wave of AI, the future of robotics.”

In his speech, Huang explained how innovations in AI and accelerated computing would drive the global industrial revolution and showcased AMR, industrial robots, humanoids, and mobile robots powered by the NVIDIA platform.

The ‘Neubie’ demonstration is a technological achievement resulting in part from Neubility’s early membership in NVIDIA Inception, a startup growth support program. Since joining the program, Neubility has equipped its autonomous robot with NVIDIA’s edge computing platform, optimizing it for superior performance. Currently, Neubility is developing proprietary autonomous driving algorithms based on data collected from the robot’s edge and providing service robots in various indoor and outdoor environments.

Lee Sang-min, CEO of Neubility, said, “It was a meaningful occasion to share Neubility’s innovative technology by standing shoulder to shoulder with world-class companies during the demonstration in Huang’s keynote speech. Going forward, Neubility will continue to develop robots with more stable autonomous driving technology, striving to bring positive changes to everyday life through robot services.”

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