(2024.03.04) NEUBILITY, an autonomous driving robot company, announced on the 4th that it has signed a business partnership agreement with Lotte Data Communication to develop autonomous security and safety robots.

With this agreement, the two companies will cooperate on hardware development and related system interworking, field testing, joint marketing of autonomous security and safety robots in the future. To this end, NEUBILITY will be in charge of autonomous robots and robot operation, while Lotte Data Communication will be in charge of sharing data for building physical security on-site and providing IoT-based physical and industrial safety devices.

The autonomous robots to be developed are IoT device-based robots with enhanced security and safety features that can detect abnormalities in the security and safety of facilities and prevent accidents by driving at low speeds in factories and outside buildings.

NEUBILITY provides various autonomous robot services based on its autonomous driving software technology, including camera-based positioning, deep learning-based object recognition, and judgment and control of autonomous behavior, and outdoor mobile robot hardware that meets 16 safety standards specified by the government.

Lotte Data Communication conducts convergence security business, which includes physical and information security consulting, control, SI, and solution building. Recently, the company has been expanding its business scope by combining various mobility technology capabilities such as autonomous driving, UAM, and electric vehicle charging with its infrastructure such as cloud and big data.

“Autonomous robot services are useful not only in everyday life, but also in industrial sites,” said Lee Sang-min, CEO of NEUBILITY. “Through this partnership, we plan to introduce innovative security and safety robot services that apply NEUBILITY’s core autonomous driving technology. Through close cooperation with Lotte Data Communication, we will strive to develop robot services that help our customers strengthen their industrial safety and physical security capabilities,” he added.

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