Autonomous delivery robots operating in urban areas

May 20, 2024 – Neubility, an autonomous robot service company, announced on the 20th that a consortium formed with Seongnam City has been selected for the ‘2024 Regulatory Innovation Robot Demonstration Project’ and will provide robot delivery services. This marks the first instance of a local government introducing outdoor autonomous robot delivery services since the deregulation of outdoor mobile robots in November 2023.

Neubility and Seongnam City were final winners of the 2024 Regulatory Innovation Robot Demonstration Project (Phase 3) hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, securing a total project budget of 430 million KRW, including 300 million KRW in national funding. Based on this, Neubility will sequentially deploy 10 autonomous delivery robots in the areas around Pangyo Station and Seohyeon-dong starting this August.

The service operates under a scenario where robots load goods from select stores of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) upon receiving orders, autonomously navigate to the destination to deliver the goods to customers, and then return to the starting point, completing the process. This aims to reduce delivery costs for SMEs and provide economical robot delivery services to citizens.

Lee Sangmin, CEO of Neubility, stated, “After the central government’s regulatory easing, we are now able to implement the nation’s first full-scale urban robot delivery model in collaboration with Seongnam City. It is a meaningful opportunity to provide services to the local community with the local government, and we will realize a robot delivery service that aids daily life based on the technology and service capabilities we have accumulated.”

Meanwhile, Neubility is actively introducing delivery and patrol robots within the local community to establish a more pleasant living environment. Recently, the company signed a business agreement with SK Shieldus and KB AZU for the commercialization of autonomous patrol robots for apartment complexes and introduced patrol robots to large-scale apartment complexes managed by KB AZU, contributing to the security and stability of residents.

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