NEUBILITY, an autonomous driving robot company, announced that it has acquired Korea’s first safety certification for outdoor mobile robots.

NEUBILITY attended the ceremony held at the Korea Robot Industry Promotion Agency, a designated operation safety certification agency of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, on the 31st and received an safety certificate confirming legal sidewalk driving.

The certification is an evaluation of a total of 16 items specified in the safety standards, such as speed control, emergency stop, obstacle detection, crosswalk passage, compliance with the operating area, and control devices, to ensure that the robot can safely operate in an outdoor environment.

Until now, outdoor mobile robots were only allowed to operate in limited areas through the regulatory sandbox system. However, with the implementation of the revised Intelligent Robots Development and Distribution Promotion Act in November last year, outdoor mobile robots that acquired safety certifications have the same legal status as pedestrians under the Road Traffic Act, allowing them to drive on sidewalks without regional restrictions.

In response, NEUBILITY will expand the autonomous delivery service area, which has been operating through the sandbox system at 15 domestic and overseas sites, to the entire country and provide robot services with various functions depending on the environment, such as leisure, community, and urban areas.

Sangmin Lee, CEO of NEUBILITY said, “This is significant in that the safety standards of robots have been standardized through this safety certification, laying the foundation for more diverse and innovative services to emerge.” “We will accelerate technology development and service provision to provide positive changes and convenience in our daily lives with safe and reliable robots.”

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