Seoul, South Korea, April 19, 2024 – In a landmark move for the security industry,
Neubility, a trailblazer in autonomous mobility solutions, and the South Florida Security
(SFS) Group, a premier provider of integrated security services, have announced a
collaborative Proof of Concept (PoC) initiative. This pioneering project is set to redefine
community safety standards through the deployment of advanced patrol robots within the
vicinity of the Doral Isles ClubHouse in Miami, home to approximately 1,700 households.

The PoC, running from April to June, will feature the deployment of Neubility’s state-of-the-
art patrol robot, Neubie, designed to enhance the security and safety of residents through
innovative “mobile CCTV” capabilities. This collaborative effort underscores a shared
commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to foster safer living environments.

Neubie, operating autonomously 24/7, is engineered to elevate community safeguarding
efforts through its comprehensive suite of capabilities, including voice broadcasting for
immediate alerts and real-time video streaming for swift incident management. Additionally,
its warning lights serve to enhance its deterrent effect, particularly in conditions of poor

“This collaboration with SFS Group represents a pivotal moment for Neubility, showcasing
our dedication to harnessing technology for the betterment of community safety. We’re eager
to demonstrate the positive impact our patrol robots will have on enhancing security
measures,” said Andrew Lee, CEO of Neubility.

Rigo Perez, President of SFS Group, added, “Our partnership with Neubility underscores our
commitment to leading the security industry through innovation. The integration of patrol
robots into our security solutions is a testament to our forward-thinking approach, ensuring
our clients receive the most advanced and effective security measures available.”

Capable of navigating extensive areas with precision, the patrol robot effectively addresses
and mitigates traditional security challenges, such as blind spots in surveillance coverage.
This breakthrough not only promises more thorough monitoring but also significantly lightens
the load on security personnel. Through the automation of routine patrols within designated
zones, Neubie empowers security teams to oversee multiple locales concurrently via its
video feed, markedly improving anomaly detection and response times.

The results of this Proof of Concept are keenly anticipated, with both companies looking
forward to leveraging the insights gained to guide the future direction of security services.

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