– Neubie won the CES Innovation Award in the smart cities category in recognition of its technological prowess and innovation ahead of CES 2023
– Based on its innovative product competitiveness, Neubie will take the lead in the world’s autonomous mobile robot market.

Neubility, Korea’s autonomous mobile robot platform (CEO: Lee Sang-min), announces on the Nov. 21 that its self-driving robot Neubie has won a CES 2023 Innovation Award in the smart cities category.  

The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring consumer electronics and ICT products for outstanding design and engineering.  For the event, a panel of industry expert judges thoroughly review candidate products from across the world before the US Consumer Technology Association (CTA) finally selects the highest-rated products in technological prowess and innovation.      

Neubie is an autonomous mobile robot developed for stable self-driving in the urban environment characterized by high position error rates and complexity. The robot uses multi-camera-based V-SLAM, rather than expensive LiDAR sensors, and is designed to enable accurate position estimation even in high-density downtown areas via embedded technologies including ‘sensor fusion for AI-based obstacle recognition/avoidance logic’ and ‘driving condition recognition/drivable path detection.‘ Based on R&D efforts made for the past two years, it is now as competitive as LiDAR-based self-driving technology, successfully resolving the high manufacturing costs issue, the biggest obstacles in bringing innovation to the delivery market, and thereby moving a step closer to full commercialization.

Based on Neubie’s technological prowess and commercial feasibility, Neubility has actively conducted demonstration projects in major downtown areas including Seoul and Songdo in Korea and plans to commercialize autonomous delivery services for golf courses before the end of this year. Also, last October, it signed an MOU with a last mile logistics solution provider Goggo Network in Europe, test-operating autonomous mobile robot-based delivery services in downtown areas in Spain and taking the first step towards entering global markets.  

“I am deeply honored to see that our autonomous mobile robot Neubie was selected as one of the innovative products for the future at CES, the most influential ICT exhibition in the world. With our accumulated operational experiences, we will do our utmost to be more competitive in technology and to quickly establish leadership in self-driving robot markets at home and abroad.” Neubility CEO Lee Sang-min said.

CES, one of the biggest consumer electronics and IT exhibitions in the world, is held in Las Vegas, USA, every January by the US Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Neubie, selected as a CES 2023 Innovation Awards honoree, is scheduled to be showcased at CES 2023, to be held from Jan. 5 to 8, 2023.  

*Source: https://www.koreaittimes.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=117369

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