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The Autonomy team is focused on developing a safe driving system to help the robot neubie move to its destination. They are developing positioning technology to recognize the robot's location, perception technology to understand its surroundings, and decision-making technology to integrate positioning and perception and generate a path for the robot to follow. They are also developing environmental data acquisition and management technology to maintain and improve the robot's autonomous driving performance.
The Robot team is dedicated to developing and implementing an innovative delivery robot, with teams focused on mechanical development, robot hardware, firmware, and quality control. The mechanical development team is responsible for creating a stable robot structure, while the quality control team inspects and improves the robot's quality and performance. The robot hardware team designs circuits to enhance the robot's performance and ensure stable operation, while the firmware team implements and optimizes the robot's functions.
The Platform Development team consists of experts with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop and manage autonomous robots, working to connect robots and people. They are focused on implementing autonomous robots in various environments to provide a robot platform that meets customer requirements. They also support customers in using autonomous robot technology to perform more efficient and safe tasks.
The Robot Business team establishes a strategy for the Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS) business, identifying opportunities for business expansion domestically and abroad. They derive insights from various markets and customers to help neubie improve people's daily lives and establish a new lifestyle. They manage and expand business KPIs through internal and external communication and cooperation.
The Operations team plans and manages all processes for the outdoor autonomous robot neubie service, ensuring safe and efficient robot movement. They improve the product and service based on customer feedback and optimize the operation process by actively observing and improving internal and external processes to provide the best service experience.
The Corporate Relations team communicates our goals and stories accurately and quickly to customers (government, parliament, media, investors, markets, consumers, etc.) to create business synergy.
The Corporate Management team establishes a management strategy and aligns policies, selects appropriate personnel to create an environment and culture where employees can be engaged and grow. They also establish financial strategies, manage accounting/tax risks, and manage budgets and funds to create a stable business environment for neubie.

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Planning & Control Engineer
Planning & Control 경력무관
Sensor Fusion Engineer
Perception 3년 이상
Computer Vision Engineer – Visual SLAM
Localization 3년 이상
Sensor Fusion Navigation Engineer
Localization 3년 이상
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